After-sales Support

1、 General Service Rules

1. As the lifeline of the company's survival and development, service adheres to providing high-quality and efficient after-sales service to every customer. customer

It is an important target for the operation and development of enterprises, and improving the quality of service to customers has become the key to the survival and growth of enterprises.

2. Quality first, customer first. Providing high-quality products to customers is in itself the best service, putting customers first

Focusing on our customers is the starting point of our company's operations.

3. The purpose of after-sales service is to maximize the protection of customers' rights and interests, timely collect product quality issues after delivery

Unify customer rights and corporate interests, strive to improve after-sales service quality, and the company is responsible for product quality.

2、 Service Commitment

1. To sell products, make a public commitment to customers: quality first, customer first.

2. For sold products, it is necessary to establish after-sales service files and long-term follow-up services.

3. Listen to customer opinions and suggestions, continuously improve work methods, and strive to satisfy customers.

4. To ensure the quality and quantity of products sold, and to make every effort to meet customer demands for products with real quality problems.