American style low flatbed steering trailer axleGerman hydraulic steering trailer axleFront double axle trailer axleGerman single disc brake trailer axleAmerican style low flatbed steering trailer axleAmerican style single tire 13 ton concave trailer axle
2024/03/23 15:26
From November 29 to December 2, 2023, the 18th Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance testing and diagnostic Equipment and service Supplies Exhibition was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Technological innovation, Driving the future", the exhibition
2023/12/04 10:30
For the rear axle of the trailer, many owners think that it is simple in structure and low in technical content, but it is not. As a driven bridge, although the design complexity of the rear axle of the trailer is not as good as that of the drive axle, it bears the bearing, braking, driving and
2023/09/05 14:11
DARO Group, founded in 2001, is one of the leaders of local axle enterprises in Liangshan. After years of accumulation, it has mature research and development and production experience in axle, suspension, spare parts and other fields. With reliable quality, professional service and reasonable
2023/08/31 11:21
From August 21 to 24, the 2023 Moscow Auto Parts Exhibition (MIMS) in Russia was held at the Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center. DARO trailer axle brought a number of products to the exhibition, fully displaying axle/suspension/accessory solutions in many fields such as logistics and transportation,
2023/08/25 15:52
From August 21 to 24, 2023, the annual Russia Moscow Auto Parts Aftermarket Exhibition (MIMS) will be held at the Moscow Ruby International Exhibition Center. As a powerful brand in the field of trailer axles and accessories in China, DARO Heavy Industry Group has been deeply involved in the
2023/08/11 13:51
In order to enhance new employees' understanding of products and business, and improve the professionalism and precision of team services, on July 19, the first phase of product training for new employees of DARO Group this quarter was held in Jining production base. New colleagues from the
2023/07/21 10:36
Three-line six-axis, commonly known as "crawling all over the ground", is currently the only class of compliance on the household, can be on the high-speed "hundred-ton king" model, the general transport weight can reach about 80t, if it is four-line eight-axis, five-line ten-axis and other models
2023/07/12 09:14
On the afternoon of June 6, a new batch of export trailer axles were successfully loaded and shipped in the Jining factory of DARO Group.It is understood that this batch of trailer axles a total of 58, the amount of 13t, the wheel base of 1840mm, from the factory, will be sent to Thailand via the
2023/06/07 14:53
The axle is a walking mechanism of the vehicle, which is responsible for load, driving, braking and other functions. The axle can be divided into many kinds, such as according to the structure can be divided into integral axle and broken axle, according to the function can be divided into the drive
2023/05/25 11:16
The axle bears the heavy load, braking, damping and maintaining the stability of the vehicle, which is closely related to the attendance rate of the trailer, the quality of cargo transportation and the operating income. As the saying goes: sharpening the knife is not mistaken wood workers, the axle
2023/05/19 11:44
Drum brake axle is adopted as drum brake axle. drum brake axle has been available for nearly 100 years, but it is still widely used in freight vehicles. Drum Brake Axle is the axle type with the highest proportion in the trailer axle market at present. It is more common to install on some semi-
2023/05/18 08:56